Bim Afolami MP congratulates the Lister on Best Ambulance Handover Times in Region

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Owing to changes made at the Lister Hospital’s Emergency Department, the percentage of ambulances now turned around within the national 30-minute standard has increased from 10% to 80%, meaning that the majority of crews have their patients seen to and are able to return to duty within half an hour of arriving.

The new system began its trial in March of this year, and the Lister has now achieved the best performance of any hospital in the East of England region.

Bim said: “The results that the trial have achieved are very impressive and very good news for my constituents. A shorter handover time will mean that crews are available much sooner to attend the next, potentially critical, 999 calls to come in, and the acutely unwell are being identified and seen much more quickly. I welcome the £600,000 funding recently announced by the Department of Health for further improvements to the department’s layout, and hope that this will help them in moving ever closer to consistently meeting the national A&E waiting time standard.”


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