Bim Afolami MP’s Visit to Public Consultation for Proposed Incinerator at East Hyde

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I have visited the public consultation on a proposed incinerator at East Hyde, on the Lower Luton Road. Many residents in our constituency (it is yards over the border in Bedfordshire) have expressed their deep concern about it – in particular, the environmental impact, the odour from the incinerator, and the extensive noise and traffic disruption that would blight the Lower Luton Road.

I am very concerned about this, and there are many questions that the supporters of the plan have not yet answered. I am working with local residents to put together a detailed list of questions that must be answered ASAP – as the planning application is scheduled to be made in September.

Bim at Public Consultation for Proposed East Hyde Incinerator

Bim at Public Consultation for Proposed East Hyde Incinerator

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  1. As all the previous comments made, we agree & will sign a petition, when one is presented.

    Apart from noise, smell & air pollution, the most obvious concern is the road & safety infrastructure. At present the roads over the whole area get gridlocked, with the slightest problems on either the M1 or A1M. There can be an even when a wider problem in the area, if the M25 gets blocked.

    Bearing this in mind, these problems will only be exacerbated, should Luton Airport expand further. It already has had an impact on traffic infrastructure. Even more frequent traffic from heavy vehicles to an incinerator on Lower Luton Road, could cause chaos & total gridlock in the area. No plans appear to be in place to cope with increased traffic to Luton, let alone an additional strain on volume of vehicles on this road. Even currently, Lower Luton Road is totally unsuited for large vehicles & would result in compromised Road safety & more accidents, causing holdups, let alone a probable increase in fatalities.

    • Edwin Riddell on

      The Lower Luton Road is already too narrow for safety. One often has to take evasive action from lorries driving down the centre. But the margins of the road are so rough that one runs a real risk of losing control.
      Added to this, the road gets flooded very easily since new dwellings have gone up around the Westfield Road area. One can only assume more building, including the proposed new school at Common Lane, will make flooding and congestion much worse in the area.

  2. Totally inappropriate place for the proposed incinerator Built up area and will cause pollution extreme traffic and noise brining distress to the locality

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