Improving our Local Environment

Our environment should matter to every politician, of all parties. Not just because it matters to voters, or indeed just because it is the right thing to do. The environment should matter to all of us because for us to make the necessary changes we need to make over the next decades, we will need all policy to be made through a green lens. When we are considering how to build more homes, environmental concerns need to be front and centre. When we are thinking about how best to incentivise new businesses, we need to try and tilt fiscal policy in the direction of those investing in innovative technologies that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Thinking about the environment requires 360 degree thinking; we need to make our local environment cleaner and to steeply reduce our carbon emissions. But we need to do so in a way that maintains the living standards of the people of this country or the world. I reject the pessimism of those who insist that economic growth is inherently inimical to a greener planet. One of the most fundamental tasks in the next 10 years will be to design an economy with much less reliance on fossil fuels, whilst also making our country more prosperous over the long term and in a more sustainable way.



The Spectator Podcast - Nuclear Energy Policy

It was great to join The Spectator to discuss nuclear energy policy; the future of the energy source in this country and if it can help us achieve the Government's target of #NetZero carbon emissions by 2050.

You can listen here 

Virtual Climate Change Lobby

Tomorrow I am hosting a Virtual Climate Change Lobby for constituents to discuss how to ensure plans to rebuild a strong economy can be made through a green lens.

World Environment Day 2020

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay, a chance for us all to pause and reflect on the importance of nature to our health, prosperity and security. It is also an opportunity for us to redouble our efforts to leave the environment in a better state than we found it for future generations.

Biodiversity Day 2020

Today is the International Day for Biodiversity and this year it has even greater significance, with the coronavirus pandemic having encouraged us to spend more time outdoors in our local green spaces and to appreciate our wildlife.

Earth Day 2020

Today is Earth Day, when people around the world celebrate our natural environment and demonstrate their support for protecting it.

Supporting the Environment Bill (Second Reading)

On Wednesday, I spoke again to support the landmark Environment Bill at its second reading. I look forward to the implementation of this fantastic Bill, however it is crucial to remember that this is the beginning and not the end of our journey to combat Climate Change!


First CEN Meeting Today

It was brilliant to meet with the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) caucus today. A great chance to discuss all things environment with new #CEN members, who are keen to help achieve our vision of a greener and more prosperous future. 

Environment Bill

Yesterday, I spoke in support of the flagship Environment Bill. Watch this video to see why I really support it, and how this transformative legislation will protect and improve our environment in Hitchin and Harpenden for future generations.

Bim’s Speech Transcribed: