Climate Change Emergency

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Recently Parliament declared a climate change emergency. I spoke in that debate, outlining just a few of the actions we are taking locally to reduce our carbon emmissions, and what we are doing nationally as well.

Despite the significant action being taken by the UK Government, locally this needs to be a priority. We all need to do our bit. The two areas I believe we can best address locally are increasing our use of green transport, and encouraging local businesses to reduce their use of plastics.

We need to increase our usage of electric cars. It’s an issue I’ve raised with St Albans and North Herts council, and we’re going to be installing many more electric car charging points, and I’m pushing to improve the provision of subsidies to make electric cars more affordable.

We also need to provide greater support for businesses who are working to reduce the amount of single use plastic in our shops, and incentivise going green for other businesses.


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