Cystic Fibrosis Drugs

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Bim Afolami: Will the Secretary of State pay tribute to campaigners in my constituency such as Matthew Dixon-Dyer, who campaigned very strongly and lobbied me very effectively? Will he also illuminate the House on how, in future, we can have smoother access to drugs such as Orkambi on the NHS?

Matthew Hancock: My hon. Friend has campaigned long and hard and has talked to me an awful lot about how important it has been to obtain Orkambi and the other cystic fibrosis drugs that will save lives, and I pay tribute to his campaigning. As I have said, we now have a system that allows access to drugs for the NHS at some of the best value in the world, and that system is working. It is clearly getting the drugs that are needed into the NHS, and I think that we should all get behind it.


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  1. This drug has very limited application and does not appear to improve quality of life. Given this, to what end does it serve anyone to promote this product? Whilst I am fully supportive of providing any and all medications that may prove beneficial, this does not seem to qualify in that respect. Furthermore, why wouldn’t the drug just be purchased in generic/unpatented form instead? Maybe if we think smarter on the issues we are addressing and how we do so, we could engage in some reforms beneficial to all members of society.

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