Ickleford Primary School

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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon discussing the urgent building works required for Ickleford primary school.

Alongside Miles Maxwell, Chair of Governors (a fantastic Chair by the way), I made our case to Hertfordshire County Council’s executive member for Education Cllr Terry Douris, and members of his team.

I’m pleased to say that real progress has been made:

(1) All the necessary works will be completed by the end of this school year.

(2) Herts County Council recognises that certain works are immediate, and cannot wait. They are going to revert next week as to when these can be completed, but we are hopeful that this can be in the coming weeks rather than months.

(3) In addition to dealing with the immediate issues, Herts County Council have agreed to detailed discussions with the school itself to more effectively help them manage the maintenance and improvements to their very historic building, over the coming months and years.


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