Rural Crime

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Many constituents have recently taken the time to write to me about their concerns over crime in our constituency. In September, I have arranged for a series of public meetings to take place across the constituency to discuss the topic. There will be one held in Harpenden, Hitchin and Kimpton to specifically discuss crime in our towns and rural communities.

Representatives from our local police forces will be attending with the aim of establishing where the public feel certain areas need focusing on by our local police. If you have any specific issues or would like to take part in the conversation to shape were you would like our local police forces to focus on, please feel free to come. Below please find the dates and times:

  • 13th September 2019 (7-8.30pm) – The Sun Hotel, Hitchin
  • 17th September 2019 (7.30pm-9pm) – Kimpton Memorial Hall, Kimpton (Rural Crime)
  • 20th September (7-8.30pm) – Harpenden Town Hall, Harpenden


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