Save the Windmill Pub!

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Last night I met with Phil Jarvis and the “Save the Windmill Group” at the community-owned Red Lion pub in Preston.  We are working to build local support to purchase the Windmill Pub in the small village of Charlton – which will be owned by the local community.

The Windmill pub was the heart of the community in Charlton until it was bought by a private developer a couple of years ago (intending to turn it into a residential site).  We want to see how we can buy it back for the local community – not just so it can thrive as a pub (well known for miles around) but so that it can serve once again as the centre of community life.

Once we lose these things that hold the community together, they are gone forever.  That’s why I’m so passionate about trying to save this part of our local community as a pub, just like how Preston saved the Red Lion several years ago.

Watch this space!


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