Send My Friend Campaign Champions Visit Number 10

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Incredibly proud to see Katie Sutton and Amelia Bird from Sir John Lawes School visit Number 10 this week as part of their work on the Take My Friend To School Campaign. I met with Katie and Amelia in Parliament recently, after they were chosen as national Send My Friend Campaign Champions, to learn about what they were doing.

Together with other Year 9 students at Sir John Lawes they have been leading lessons for Year 7 students and Year 6 students at local primaries about the universal human right to a safe education. The girls shared the messages from these young pupils with the Government, and were given a tour of the famous Downing Street building.

This is a wonderful campaign that aims to highlight the risks of harm children around the world face for trying to receive an education. In the UK we can often take for the granted how accessible, and universal, education is, when sadly for so many in other countries this is not the case.

Information on the Make Schools Safe campaign can be found here:

Sir John Lawes School Students visit Number 10 as part of Send My Friend To School Campaign


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