Support Onshore Wind Developments

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Last week I signed a joint letter to the Prime Minister calling on the Government to do more to support onshore wind developments.

The introduction of a legally binding net zero target to end the UK’s contribution to global warming entirely by 2050 is an incredibly important step. The foundations to achieve this have been laid and it is expected that other major economies will follow suit.

However, if we are to reach this target then increasing our onshore wind generation will be vital. That’s why I’m calling on the Government to:

• Amend the National Planning Policy Framework, so that applications for small-scale onshore wind developments in England of no more than five megawatts are treated in the same way as any other application for renewable and low carbon energy.

• Allow onshore wind to lower power prices through the resumption of competitive electricity market auctions for low carbon energy for the cheapest technologies.

You can view the full letter at the below link:


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