Train Service Quality

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Bim Afolami: The Prime Minister is, I know, aware of the severe difficulties that my constituents have faced with recent delays to train services. Will the Prime Minister reassure me and my constituents that the Government will do everything they can to ensure that Govia Thameslink Railway and Network Rail get into shape to ensure a better-quality train service both now and into the future?

Theresa May: As I said in response to the earlier question from my hon. Friend Ms Dorries, the immediate priority is to ensure that we see an improvement in services for Govia Thameslink passengers. That is why it has introduced a new timetable that is not the final timetable, but it is better than the pre-May timetable. We also need to ensure that GTR takes action so that it can bring forward the proposed new timetable, which will provide more services and better services for passengers. In the long term, the Government are working to bring train and track together so that we do not see problems like this in the future.



  1. Richard Bowser on

    19th June: arrive at City Thameslink at 8.30pm, no train to Harpenden for 51 minutes. This is beyond dreadful! Get it sorted now, I am fed up when the excuses! The last month had been hell and the emotional stress is awful! We have had enough, represent us and sort out this mess!

  2. Peter McNamara on

    The service from GTR – ThamesLink is no better with the new timetable, at peak times this week it has bee over 1 hour from Harpenden to St Pancras, more than double the time should take, that is after you got on the train.
    It is a disaster and having attended the meeting get in Harpenden, it appears nothing is being done about it, action please.

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