Village Pub Surgery Tour

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On my surgery tour of the villages in our constituency over the past few days I have met several dozens of constituents, talking about the issues of real importance to them. I have had the international (e.g. “What are you going to do about Russia?”), the national (e.g. “How are we going to deal with the social care crisis?”), and of course the very local (e.g. “When are we going to be able to rely on our train service/how can we get more affordable housing locally/can you help us stop the incinerator being built!”).

Our small villages make up, in total, just over a third of the population in the constituency. I am making a real effort to focus my attention on them in my surgery pub tour, as they sometimes don’t get as much attention as either Hitchin or Harpenden – this summer I’m trying to redress the balance a bit!

Bim on Village Pub Surgery Tour


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