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COMMENT: My Manifesto: Turbocharge Britain’s green growth to strengthen our energy security

The House, 06/10/2023.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: Sunak’s Net Zero speech. It’s caricatured as gas-guzzling eco-piracy. But study the sensible substance

ConservativeHome, 21/09/2023.

COMMENT: For the sake of British consumers, the Chancellor must hold our regulators to account

CapX, 07/07/2023.

BOOK: Levelling Up 2.0 - A Blueprint for the Future

Curia, 19/06/2023.

COMMENT: Conservatives can still turn around fortunes with younger voters

Times Red Box, 01/06/2023.

COMMENT: A quagmire of regulation and judicial review have left Britain languishing

The Telegraph, 31/05/2023.

REPORT: Missing Millennials - Why the Conservatives lost a generation, and how to win them back

Onward, 30/05/2023.

COMMENT: Ignore the ideologues, we should take our time to get rid of EU laws and do it right

CityAM, 23/05/2023.

COMMENT: Our higher educational priorities need rebalancing

Reaction, 25/04/2023.

COMMENT: Britain needs to get a handle on its regulators

Reaction, 21/04/2023.

REPORT: The purpose of regulation - Improving accountability of our regulators to get a better deal for consumers, businesses and the United Kingdom

Regulatory Reform Group, 18/04/2023.

COMMENT: MPs and peers need to regulate the regulators to get the best of Brexit

The Times, 17/04/2023.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The Government should help ease the cost of living crisis by cracking down on creditors

ConservativeHome, 13/04/2023.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: After Credit Suisse and SVB, we must ask tough questions about UK regulation

Financial News, 24/03/2023.

COMMENT: Ignore the Luddites. Artificial intelligence can transform the UK economy to the benefit of workers

Evening Standard, 11/02/2023.

COMMENT: Why net zero is still the top priority for MPs and peers

The Guardian, 08/02/2023.

REPORT: The semiconductor industry in the UK

Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Select Committee, 28/11/2022.

COMMENT: Why the City needs to be part of levelling up

Financial News, 16/11/2022.

COMMENT: If we are to make Brexit a success, our regulators need proper scrutiny

Telegraph, 13/11/2022.

REPORT: Banking for Britain - The role of financial services in levelling up

Public First/APPG on Financial Markets & Services, 09/11/2022.

COMMENT: Economic mind with a people touch — why I urge my colleagues to back Rishi Sunak

The Times, 21/10/2022.

COMMENT: We need a PM to handle an economic crisis – that man is Rishi Sunak

The Telegraph, 09/07/2022.

COMMENT: How to take back control of energy bills

CapX, 31/05/2022.

COMMENT: Rishi Sunak must deliver on his vision and cut back the state

The Telegraph, 27/02/2022.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The Chancellor has struck the right balance on easing energy bills

ConservativeHome, 04/02/2022.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: So you want to be an MP? Here are six perspectives on what it’s like – and what to do.

ConservativeHome, 13/12/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: Get ready for interest rates to rise – with all the shock to homeowners, families and borrowers that will follow

ConservativeHome, 29/11/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The Government is close to losing the benefit of the doubt

ConservativeHome, 15/11/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: After the Budget, we won’t deliver levelling up without putting economic growth first

ConservativeHome, 01/11/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: MPs’ plight. Trolls, terrorists and thugs account for much of it. But some our problems are of our own making.

ConservativeHome, 18/10/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: After the reshuffle, back to the future – NHS queues, rising energy bills, and higher prices

ConservativeHome, 20/09/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: Working from home means a radical culture shift – and it’s here to stay. Here are some of the consequences.

ConservativeHome, 06/09/2021.

COMMENT: America 1) Bim Afolami: Yes, the United States is withdrawing from its role abroad. So we need to reinvigorate our alliances.

ConservativeHome, 23/08/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: Five books to read over the summer recess

ConservativeHome, 09/08/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The Olympic model of spotting and developing talent should be applied to academia

ConservativeHome, 26/07/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The big question facing Johnson. What does fiscal conservatism mean in an age of the big state?

ConservativeHome, 12/07/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: What southern MPs in traditionally Tory seats should learn from Northern ones in the former Red Wall

ConservativeHome, 28/06/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The Government’s Net Gain initiative will be transformative – but its implementation must be sped up

ConservativeHome, 17/06/2021.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: The politics of Net Zero are more perilous than we think

ConservativeHome, 14/06/2021.

LEGISLATION: British Library Board (Power to Borrow) Act, 2021

Received Royal Assent on 29/05/2021.

COMMENT: Britain has a productivity problem – but we have the tools to solve it

City A.M., 14/04/2021.

COMMENT: Budget 2021 delivered the honesty and responsibility voters expect

The Times, 04/03/2021.

COMMENT: Cambridge offers a model for boosting jobs and growth outside London

The Times, 22/02/2021.

REPORT: Accelerator Zones: how to turbocharge economic opportunity across the UK

Social Market Foundation, 21/02/2021.

REPORT: The role of Parliament in the future regulatory framework for Financial Services

APPG on Financial Markets & Services, 17/02/2021.

COMMENT: Brexit gives us the chance to refit our financial regulation for the 21st century

City A.M., 17/02/2021.

COMMENT: Power Shift: Clean energy & the transformation of politics

APPG on Renewable & Sustainable Energy, 11/02/2021.

COMMENT: More unites Conservative voters in the Red and Blue Walls than divides them

The Telegraph, 06/12/2020.

COMMENT: Energy and optimism after Covid-19

The New Statesman, 04/12/2020.

COMMENT: Only transformative private sector growth can save our economy

The Times, 12/11/2020.

COMMENT: Why do liberals have such low expectations for black people like me? BIM AFOLAMI MP says the Left's hypocrisy on racial equality is causing profound damage

The Mail on Sunday, 24/10/2020.

COMMENT: We must reboot Britain as an enterprise nation

PoliticsHome, 03/10/2020.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: Conservatives need a new economic vision

ConservativeHome, 14/09/2020.

COMMENT: It’s time for the UK to set its financial services sector up for success

City A.M., 03/09/2020.

COMMENT: Hitchin MP Bim Afolami opens up on Covid: PM's decision to 'pull handbrake' is cautious but sensible

Hitchin Nub News, 04/08/2020.

REPORT: Unlocking Britain - Recovery and renewal after COVID-19

Social Market Foundation, 17/06/2020.

COMMENT: After this crisis, the economy is going to need a major reboot – this is how to do it

The Telegraph, 12/06/2020.

COMMENT: The UK’s unrivalled regulatory framework is at the heart of our success as a finance hub

City A.M., 04/02/2020.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami MP: Nuclear energy is part of an essential mix

PoliticsHome, 09/10/2019.

COMMENT: We are ready to support a withdrawal agreement

Financial Times, 07/10/2019.

COMMENT: How I responded when an eight-year-old asked why I am ruining their future with Brexit

The Telegraph, 17/09/2019.

COMMENT: Govt must address the way train operators consider the needs of passengers

PoliticsHome, 04/06/2019.

COMMENT: One Nation conservatism can make a success of Brexit

The Observer, 18/05/2019.

COMMENT: Bim Afolami: Why I am joining the Commission seeking Alternative Arrangements for the Northern Ireland border

ConservativeHome, 07/05/2019.

COMMENT: I had two weeks away from Westminster. It looked horrifying

The Times, 18/03/2019.

COMMENT: Why don't professional men like me do enough at home?

The Telegraph, 06/03/2019.

COMMENT: “Childcare is a men’s issue too: why I’m proud to be the first new dad to vote in parliament by proxy”

The New Statesman, 22/02/2019.

COMMENT: If necessary, the UK must take an aggressive approach on financial services in Brexit talks

PoliticsHome, 04/02/2019.

COMMENT: An EEA-style compromise has value for the City

Financial Times, 22/01/2019.

COMMENT: Brexit is in peril because we politicians have failed to grasp that it can be a springboard for total economic renewal

The Telegraph, 12/01/2019.

COMMENT: Brexiteers chasing a will-o’-the-wisp perfect deal need to re-evaluate

The Telegraph, 14/12/2018.

COMMENT: How to get us out of this Brexit mess

The Times, 11/12/2018.

COMMENT: Tories should forget ideology and focus on how to run the best public services

The Times, 26/06/2018.

REPORT: New Blue - Ideas for a New Generation (Popular Planning)

Centre for Policy Studies, 15/05/2018.

COMMENT: Brexit can be a catalyst for signalling that Britain is open for business

The Times, 21/11/2017.